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Group Music Therapy Sessions

Since the partnership begun in June 2021, the care agency have been facilitating music therapy for both group sessions and 1:1 sessions for selected individuals. Work at the Care Agency is currently focused on adults and adolescents, both neurotypical and neurodivergent, and is not limited to any specific client group.

As from Q1 2022, Senti will be providing staff training for designated staff members at the care agency to help understand what music therapy is and how to support an individuals progress and development. The training will consist of four sections: - An introduction to music therapy - The history - A workshop experience for carers/staff - Reflection The workshop will allow them to grasp the full music therapy experience and understand what it means and feels like to attend a session. It is crucial for carers/staff to acknowledge the ripple effects that music therapy can bring to the working environment.

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