Working with you locally

Working with you locally

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a person-centred, psychodynamically informed approach,

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Group Music Therapy Sessions

Senti is also working in partnership with various charities/companies to provide or help fund certain music therapy group sessions. The groups vary client group, ranging from children with SEN to adults with Dementia. Please note it is crucial that a Qualified HCPC registered music therapist runs and facilitates these groups, for the safety of the clients.

These sessions provide a creative safe space for the group members to express themselves and develop fundamental skills that can be transferred into everyday living. The group sessions typically consist of improvisation. This enables group members to create their own musical language to communicate and engage with. Some groups members may choose to express themselves via composition & song writing.

The music therapist uses a person-centred, psychodynamically informed approach. Each session and group is dynamically tailored to the members that attend on the day, meaning sessions will vary from week to week. This allows members to rupture, repair and build new boundaries as the sessions progress.

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